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The ride today over the backroads of North Dakota into Detroit Lakes, Minnesota was windy which made for a long day. We are trying to stay ahead of the weather coming across the north as it has both rain and wind a couple days behind us, however the wind blew in today on our ride. Northeastern North Dakota is a farming area of grains, soybeans, corn and fields of sunflowers. They were gorgeous, but no pictures were taken as we were fighting the wind. We did spy some real trees today! Yay! Not pines, scrub brush, white birch or the like, but some of the ones we have back home. They were a sight for sore eyes.

More road construction today and detours kept us on our toes and taking different roads than anticipated making for zig zagging the countryside. At the last gas stop we saw Joe at today, I drove off and left my gloves on the back of my tour pack. Of course they blew off and I didn't realize it til the next gas stop. Joe spied them up and gave them to me at dinner tonight.

A day closer to home!


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