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Rain, Rain Go Away….

Motorcycle Cannonball wants to play!

The rain came down in buckets on the ride to the UP today several different times. It curbed most of the parking lot builds this evening. Yes, I said builds! There are still bikes being finished in the parking lot and the clock is ticking faster and faster. It’s supposed to clear off by mid day and the weather looks great for the start. Buck’s Indian riders are all registered and ready for tech inspection in the morning. With the continuing rain storms blowing through this evening, we just kept everything in the vans til tomorrow.

Here’s some scenery pictures between rains on the drive through Michigan. The pine and white birch were beautiful in the marshy country.

The lake was full of white caps as we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge. Question for the RMS 7th graders, what Great Lake does the Mackinaw Bridge cross?

We even passed by a Buffalo farm which was interesting to see.

Tomorrow’s day will be busy and I’ll try to capture all the activities. It was great to see our motorcycle family, to meet new riders and to start the banter as to who is going to be on the sweep first. 😂


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