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Oil Wells, Grain Fields and 4 Lane Highways

Today's ride on Route 2 though the rest of Montana and into North Dakota kept us riding along the grain fields and by all the oil wells all day. The combines were busy harvesting as rain is coming by the end of the week. So grain dust filled the air with the already smoke filled air as we rode today.

This morning we came up on several cars sitting in the road with cattle all around on the side of the road. They were perplexed as to what to do about the cattle. So, Steve became the cattle wrangler with his bike and rounded them up out of the road so everyone could go on their way.

Oil was changed in my bike this morning and Steve changed the oil in his transmission. He also tightened his chain and one of his spotlights. Joe tightened his chain and adjusted his clutch.

We rode around 300 miles again today. Every time Steve ran out of gas today, he was within a mile or two and one time he was in sight of the gas station. It's comical because as he's putting gas in his bike, Joe will catch us and ride by and hold up fingers as to how many miles til gas. Steve laughs and says it doesn't matter how far it is, when you're out of gas, you're out of gas! Too funny for these two.

Once we got into North Dakota, Route 2 changed into a 4 lane highway, but traffic was lighter than we've had for the last week, so it was a great ride.

We made it into Minot, North Dakota tonight. They've mapped out tomorrow's route and we will start angling southeast but trying to stay out of the heat.


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Bob Clift
Bob Clift
Aug 30, 2023

Are you guys riding through Davenport on the way home?

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