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Multi-Purpose Hair Dryer

Here’s hoping that this rainbow will bring a dryer day tomorrow! Briefly about 6:30 this evening, this double rainbow was out before the rain started yet again.

Buckets and buckets of rain came down during the day off. But that didn‘t stop the work in the pits today. It only made it more miserable. The Tribe was up and at it before 9 am and was just finishing up when the rainbows came out.

One by one the bikes were gone over under a dripping canopy, with endless water running down the asphalt. Everything was damp or just plain out wet!

The generator was started up to begin the drying process. All the mags were dried with the mag dryer.

Then it was determined that Justin’s mag had

shorted out and had to be changed out. So the work began

Bartek had to repair a leaky tank half.

Then he replaced his rear tire

Mag repair in full swing followed by retiming.

Steve’s mag got dried out as well. Then some wiring in the switch was repaired.

Jared’s mag got dried out as well as his saddle bags

Joe changed oil, worked on his headlight and a few other things.

AA got her mag dried too!

Then the mag dryer became the boot dryer.

The the wallet dryer!

But the Tribe is in the dry for the night and should be ready to head to Alabama in the morning. I’ll be hanging the rest of the wet stuff in the back of the truck hoping it will dry tomorrow!

Scores at the end of stage 9


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