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Leap Frog

After last night's debacle, we came up with a game plan for today. First stop was for supplies at the NAPA and Carquest to change oil in my bike and Steve's tonight. We hit the 10,045 mark as of last night!

We rode into Shelby and found Joe along the road at the Comfort Inn where he stayed last night. Onward east we went. Since Steve has to stop within 75 miles for fuel, it works for Joe to go on by and keep moving. Then by the time we fill the bike and give Joe a few extra minutes, we are catching up with him about the time we all have to stop for fuel again. That also lets us be the sweep crew before lunch and then again in the evening.

Here is one of the numerous grain storage facilities that we saw all along the route today.

Montana is aptly named the big sky country. It was quite smoky today from both the Canadian wildfires and those in Montana, but that didn't block the heat. The girls got hot today, so they will be a slow cool down tonight. It will be a morning oil change before we head on.


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Don Gilmore
Don Gilmore
Aug 29, 2023

Getting closer to home one mile at a time!

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