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Yukon Marbles

The ride from Dawson City to Whitehorse was 331 miles, and yes it took forever to get here. I don't know if we were tired, cranky, caffeine starved or what, but we were glad to get here. We were all complaining that something hurt this evening. LOL

We started the morning out zip tying my tour pack base to the luggage rack as the road yesterday beat more of the plastic up.

This is the last of my 100 foot of rope that I brought to tie stuff with. I hope we don't need more than what I have left.

When we got into Whitehorse, we rode around town looking for a motel

and ended up at the first one we had stopped at. However, one of them we stopped at, the registration office was locked and a young girl was trying to break in by pulling the screen out. Steve thought she was the clerk and offered up his handi-dandy screwdriver. She got the screen out, gave Steve his screwdriver back, leaned through and unlocked the door and then took off. Hey! Then the actual clerk came from around back and was relieved to see that the door was unlocked, picked up the screen and proceeded to help Steve. We didn't stay there.

Most of the road was thankfully, blacktop. But the sections that were under road construction were challenging to say the least. I learned how to play Yukon Marbles on one stretch that had fresh tar and chip. I felt the back and front of the bike go in two different directions quite a few times. But I won and didn't lose any of my marbles. Another section had just been watered down by the water truck and it was a slick as a greased pig and kept us on our toes. I watched Steve slide around in front of me and stayed out of his path. Oh what fun....NOT!

Lunch was bologna sandwiches today and I had to hold them back when this gem pulled in.

They were certain that we could fit all the bikes in the back.

As we stopped for the last gas stop of the day, Joe's battery bit the dust. We had to trade out batteries and were on our way.

We ask for prayers for safety tonight for our friends, Stew and Shera-Lynn Smith, and whose home on the lake we stayed at in British Columbia a couple weeks ago. The wildfires have jumped the lake and Stew is fighting to save their home. Steve has been texting with Shera-Lynn who is staying across the mountain at Stew's garage. Love and prayers to them tonight.


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