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Yard Sale

Today’s ride from Arkadelphia, Arkansas to Nacogdoches, Texas was full of sun! The riders were happy to ride into the oldest town in Texas and were greeted warmly.

The Tribe made all their miles. However, they lost a member due to injury today. Joe pulled his calf muscle yesterday and this morning it was no better and he was unable to ride and work his rear brake with that leg, so he pulled out. He had a perfect score up to this point. We’re going to miss him. Safe travels! His crew driver, Chuck, followed me across the country. Now they’re headed to Florida.

AA started the day with a yard sale. Her rear luggage box fell off and all her stuff was scattered in the Dollar Store parking lot. Too funny! She didn‘t even know it fell off. They stopped and gathered it all up and zip tied it back on. Again today she encountered a busted yogurt in her luggage box. Every day, she puts one in her box, every day it busts. What a mess! Slow learner. She’s soon going to be banned from carrying yogurt. 🤣🤣🤣

Routine maintenance was completed. Jared had to work on his throttle cable. He took it out and greased it up. It had rusted in a bend from all the rain the last few days. Steve checked his primary and found a few metal shavings, but he’s not worried. Justin switched out the nozzle in his carb back to the bonneville nozzle that Art Buski originally had in it. He must have known something. It was originally his bike and he was inducted into the Indian Motorcycle Hall of Fame, so we should probably follow his lead. Bartek tightened his chain.

It was a hard day on a lot of the bikes and several lost their perfect scores so there will be another shuffle.

The crew was in great spirits with an early night (before 9) and went to bed for some much needed rest. Tomorrow’s ride will take them to Victoria, Texas.

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