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Wrench, Wrench, To Ride Again

We spent the day in the shop at Jerry Greer's Engineering. The bikes were completely gone over to continue the trip. Thanks to Todd for the hospitality and having Pooch, Steve and Dorian on hand to grab what parts we needed and to help.

Steve had a new set of heads waiting on the bench because of his helicoil issue and once they took the heads off they discovered he had a few air leaks from using the old original heads. So cylinders were removed, lightly honed and 0.10 over pistons were added to the parts list. He also readjusted the valves. As Steve would say back home, better lick this calf over.

While inspecting his bike Steve noticed that his chain was rubbing his exhaust. So a chain adjustment was needed.

The air breather tube broke off as well so a new one was installed. He changed his oil and remodified his windshield.

Joe changed his oil, adjusted his valves and installed a new starter solenoid on his bike.

Elmer needed a rear sprocket but ended up getting a whole brake drum assembly for his bike. Then he worked on changing his oil.

Joe retimed his motor for him.

We're going to rest up this evening and hit the road in the morning. Onward we go!


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