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I learned what this "Cannonball" term is....a motel with your bike parked right outside the door to your room with a restaurant that also serves drinks. And after riding in the rain the last 100 miles into Wasilla this evening, all three were welcomed. We are now fed, warmed up and ready for bed. Tomorrow's another day.

We left Fairbanks and rode down the Parks Highway, through Denali for some amazing scenery. The fog had Mt. McKinley in the clouds, but the rest of the ride was awesome.

Yesterday we could only find a small grease gun but absolutely NO grease for it in Fairbanks, so we said we'd look today. At our first gas stop there was a garage next door and Steve walked in and asked the old boy about greasing his bike. So, the

guys pulled in and got to use a grease gun. Yay!

We went on down the road enjoying the scenery.

Sorry for the scenery overload, but I couldn't narrow them down. It's gorgeous.

We had another yard sale was Joe. He lost his distributor cap and his spare was broke during the tool bag debacle the other day. Since he has electronic ignition, it's merely a cover, but Steve gave him his spare he had.

Jen Kline, I'll tell you here you were right and I'll have to say I'm sorry now, but I let Steve take care of it. (IYKYK)

Clothes are hanging all over the room drying and the fan is on high. Did you know they don't have air conditioning in most rooms in Alaska? WTH! For someone who's hot blooded like me during the Alaskan heat wave, I have used the fans relentlessly.

We saw numerous Moose Crossing signs today and I was beginning to wonder if they weren't.a little overkill. Realistically, how many moose have to cross the road to get a sign put up? I wonder about stuff like that going down the road. However, we saw one, or I should say the carnage of one for about 600 feet down the road, until we came across what looked to be just the hide along side the road. So, signs were justified.


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Bob Clift
Bob Clift
Aug 15, 2023

Was Elmer able to get his bike in good enough shape to continue the ride with you?

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