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Top of The World

Before we got on the road this morning, Steve and Joe had to tighten their chains. Steve also had to replace yet another headlight bulb.

Steve also tightened up his front brake

Today we traveled across the aptly named "Top of the World Highway."

It was only 185 miles from Tok, but it took all day. There was about 40 miles of blacktop and the rest was gravel and dirt. On the very top, we got into the heavy fog and mist and things got greasy and muddy for a while but then settled back down to dust.

It was rather chilly today so we stayed dressed and kept our helmets on to stay out of the wind.

We stopped in Chicken, Alaska and got to look up close at the Pedro Dredge before we crossed the border into the Yukon.

This was our farewell to Alaska picture. It has been a grand adventure here.

We got to the Yukon River just as the ferry was loading to cross to Dawson City. We were the last 3 aboard. How was that for timing!

We checked into the last two rooms at The Aurora Inn and set out walking around Dawson City for the evening.

Dinner at Sourdough Joe's followed by ice cream next door.

Then onto the Downtown Hotel for the Sour Toe Cocktail.

Success! Steve is now a member of the club. See me for the videoed event🤣😂


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Aug 20, 2023

Can’t wait to see the video! 😄

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