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The Battle Today

Buck’s Indian made all 253 miles today on their ride from Traverse City to Battle Creek for perfect scores. Hurray! Here they are rolling into the Battle Creek HD for their hosted stop. Shout out to them for an amazing meal!!!!

Steve had to stop for about an hour today after one of his header pipes split. Once it cooled down, he took hose clamps and got it stuck back together! And he made it in on time even though Terry Richardson clocked him and then squealed to the boys that he caught their dad doing 51 mph!!!! Not 45 dammit!!! 😉

They had a few minor adjustments to make besides routine nightly maintenance. Justin had a wiring issue on his switch with his headlight, Steve’s float bowl was sticking all day, and his rear brake kept bottoming out, so he had to adjust it. Jared had a piece break off his scala rider on his helmet that needed epoxied back on. Joe had to work on his rear wheel and rear brake as it kept dragging.

After their work was complete, they went over to help out Jon with his Indian 4 which also went down early yesterday. Another one with a hole in a piston! Those Indian 4 guys were working all night.

The Indian and Harley guys continue to out ”top” one another. They are out of control and it’s only day 3 (I think).

And there will be retribution for this on my truck😂 I know who you are 🤣🤣🤣

Let the battle begin….

Riders will go from Battle Creek, Michigan to Dayton, Ohio on Sunday for a meal hosted by the Rip Rap Roadhouse.

Shoutout to fellow Indian 101 rider, Bree Meisinger! Way to hang tough! Hugs from all of us! Hope to see you soon!!!!❤️


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14 sept 2021

Glad to see no major breakdowns!

Me gusta
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