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The Alaskan

The 1939 Indian Chief started out as just a motor back in 2018 at the conclusion of the Motorcycle Cannonball in Portland, Oregon.

Before heading home, we went to visit a friend outside of Seattle to look at his amazing collection of motorcycles. While in the hangar admiring a few of his planes, Steve noticed this motor sitting at the landing gear. He talked Dave into selling it and the project began. The motor sat upstairs with all Steve's other hoarded parts for a little while longer waiting...... until the chassis was found in 2022 at Wauseon.

In the meantime.....

On the way home from South Padre Island, Texas at the end of the 2021 Motorcycle Cannonball, Steve and I talked about embarking on a new adventure..... a trip to Alaska on a vintage motorcycle with just a couple friends and with me as support. Plans were made and changed, with a July of 2023 date of going being held firm. Finally, the goal was to go with no support and all would ride motorcycles. Since Steve said I couldn't take my 1932 Scout Pony, I bought a new Indian Scout Sixty. Steve was deciding on what to build to take to Alaska when he found the chassis for the 39 at Wauseon. Thus....the Alaskan, now properly named Camilla was found and the restoration began.

This is what she looked like in the beginning when Steve decided this is what he wanted to build to take to Prudhoe Bay. The accumulation of parts and pieces to complete her began.

Here is Camilla restored and ready to ride. Let the adventure begin....

Steve and I, along with Joe Gimpel and Elmer Lower will set out for Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in July on our bikes. We will ride from our shop in West Virginia.

Steve will be on a 1939 Indian Chief,

Joe is on a 1939 KIWI Indian Chief,

Elmer is on a 1953 Indian Chief, and

Dee Dee is on a 2019 Indian Scout Sixty.

Here are a few pictures of the restoration along the way


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