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Sneaking Through

We left Rochester, Minnesota this morning, although I don't remember seeing this sunrise and headed southeast. We snuck through the northeast corner of Iowa, down along the Mississippi and into Illinois. We stopped tonight at Morris, Illinois, which is south of Joliet and definitely out of Chicago.

Plenty of corn and soybeans with hog farms scattered throughout. I can tell you that Wyffel Hybrids is the best looking corn out here over the last few days of this corn belt area.

Of course, silliness ensued along the way with this crew. I turned around at one gas stop to see this.

When I questioned this, Joe piped up that he taught Steve this trick. Too funny. At another stop, I ask for their serious looks today.

More corn all the way in this evening for 368 miles today. Knocking them down.

PS --- I just got the story on the sunrise picture from this morning. I was worried that I was sleeping on my bike. However, Steve said he took it in our motel room. What? There was a dumpster and the freeway outside our window. Nope, he said he took it in the bathroom. I must have had a silly look on my face. Then he laughed and said it was the picture hanging above the toilet in our motel room. Oh my, no wonder I didn't see it.


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Brianna M
Brianna M
Sep 02, 2023

Never a dull moment 🤣🤣

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