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  • Dee Dee Rinker

Silly Selfies

Today's ride was quite uneventful. It seems each day is getting longer, or maybe, I'm getting tired of riding my motorcycle. Anyway, we ARE getting closer to West Virginia. Steve filled his time jamming to Nickleback and taking selfies.

The roads were decent today and only a few road construction sections. The views began getting better the closer to Hinton, Alberta we got. Tomorrow's ride into Jasper and on the Ice Field Parkway should be something to behold.

We did see two moose today. The first was a typical WV roadkill with the horns cut off the bull moose. The second was in a field about 200 yards off the highway, so we don't know how big he was.

We're starting to see the Canadian Rockies in the distance again. There seems to be a great deal of timbering in this area.

When we got in this evening, Steve tightened and lubed his chain, he had a fitting loose on the bottle of the oil pump and he adjusted up the primary chain. Joe's KIWI bike still has a bad engine vibration, but made another day.


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