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Here’s Steve and Jared arriving and representing West Virginia at Triple S Harley-Davidson in Morgantown (Mo-town)! Both of their bikes ran strong and they got all the miles in, while Justin wasn’t as fortunate. His clutches and transmission was still giving him trouble. They rode hard today up and down what Jared said must have been 50 huge hills from York. Their average speed today was a whopping 35 mph. They said that the singles had it even rougher and they passed motorcycles on hills all day long. Jared said they passed one guy and he was pedaling his heart out on his single and it didn’t even look like he was moving. Casualties were heavy again today and bikes were scattered all along the route. One rider, Kelly Modlin, had a great day despite the fact that he broke down 4 times. The last time he had gotten a rachet strap out and a fellow rider was towing him when a local fellow stopped to help them out. He also told him that he had a couple Indian motors back at his house and asked if he would be interested in one. Absolutely! So Kelly ended up with an original 741 motor still in the crate today. What an awesome day for him despite his breakdowns. Another rider, Scott Jacobs wasn’t so fortunate. He slid on some loose gravels, wrecked and ended up with a broken shoulder. A speedy recovery is wished to him! The last sweep truck made it in after 8 pm this evening and bikes were being unloaded right and left and the work was just beginning for many when we left at 9:30 this evening to go back to Brittney’s. Day 3 will take them 218 miles to Chillicothe, Ohio and on to flatter ground. I had a talk with Lexi and Eva this evening and told them to take better care of Cali and make sure she gets a little wind therapy tomorrow!

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