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  • Thomas Fishel

2018 Cannonball, here we come!

The announcement has been made! Buck’s Indian is excited! Let the bike building begin….,,

Ten years ago, one man set out to become the first person to take a group of like-minded antique motorcycle riders across the United States on machines that were only often seen in museums and private collections. In 2010, Lonnie Isam Jr’s dream and bold sense of adventure took him and his friends from one ocean to the other, forever setting the standard of endurance for man and machine. Since 2010, history has been made and continues to be made; machines are coming out of the woodwork, they are being ridden, they are being enjoyed, and they are being put to the Motorcycle Cannonball test.

The next adventure…the next epic journey… the next ride…will be nothing to slouch at. This is a ride that Lonnie Isam Jr and I have been discussing for quite some time even dating back a few years. This next experience will again take us from coast to coast; again it will be a true endurance. It will pit man vs. machine on some of the best two lane, back roads that our beautiful country has to offer!

We have now successfully navigated the United States 4 times, with the latest run in 2016; which was probably the most epic journey thus far. We created history that can never be repeated! We managed to take almost one hundred century old and older machines from coast to coast. Now, in September of 2018, we plan to write a whole new chapter in history with the 5th Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run. This event will feature motorcycles built before 1929. This time we ride from Portland, ME to Portland, OR!

The real challenge starts now…….


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