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Ready to Head to the Soo

The guys have taken their final test rides, made adjustments, added fire extinguishers and extra fuel canisters to the bikes, packed, repacked and are ready to go.

The support van, however, has provided a whole host of challenges the last couple days. We thought it was ready to go and on the way to Findlay it started making a noise. So, after a replacing the ac compressor, the belt, ALL the pulleys (one at a time, of course) and the starter, we think (fingers crossed) that it’s a good go for the van. If not, I guess AAA will be hearing from me.

Here are the bikes the guys will ride from Sault Ste Marie, MI to South Padre Island, TX.

Steve #7 on a 1928 Indian Scout

Justin #6 on a 1929 Indian Scout

Jared #37 on a 1928 Indian Scout


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