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Perfect Day For A Yard Sale

We were anxious to get on the road and all of us were up early this morning. There was not much at the hotel breakfast so we got ready and decided to have it at our first gas stop. Down the road we went. It was quite rough going down the road and one railroad crossing had us all bouncing hard.

We made it to the minimart, got gas and had our breakfast cakes. Ready to roll.... or so we thought til Joe yelled to Steve that he had a flat tire. The bikes were shut back off. The rear tire on Steve's bike was flat! They inspected it and we started looking for an out of the way shady spot. We can't complain, over 12,000 miles and this is the first flat! Had to have at least one before we got home!

We got the bike pushed over to the tire changing area, got it on the rear stand and took the studs and axle out. Then Steve laid the bike over on it's side. I held onto the bars and Joe took the tire out to change. I was impressed as I had never seen one on its side like that before.

The only thing they could find was the valve stem was loose from the tube. They took the bad tube out and put a new one in. The railroad tracks!!! Apparently it got a slow leak and sitting at our breakfast stop gave it enough time to go flat.

Camille looks sad here, but she was up and going quick. We were just glad it happened at our breakfast stop and not along Route 30 somewhere.

A shady spot, help and an air hose...what more could you ask for and not be at your own garage.

Happy GLH! Ready to go!

Of course, we also had to run out of gas at least one more time between gas stops before we got home!

On the road again!

Our last gas stop of the evening was here.......

and we laugh because, ironically it is exactly where Joe joined us in the rain on the very first day of our trip! How cool is that!


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