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Our New BFFs

Today we headed to the nearest Advance Auto to get the 2nd battery replaced under warranty to have a spare on hand. While there, a few other items were checked out and Elmer had to replace spark plugs in his bike. New plugs make it easier to start rather than using the old Indian repo plugs he's been using. Then on we went.

After our early afternoon gas stop, about 5 miles down the road, Steve blew the plug insert out of the rear head. We headed into the driveway at a farmhouse and a lady came to check on us. Once the inspection was complete, Steve asked her for a gum wrapper or a piece of foil. She came back out with the foil.

Joe engineered a temporary wrap fix til we could get to yet another parts store for some high temp JB weld to use at the hotel tonight.

OReilys was the closest parts store so off we went. They found what they needed to fix it tonight, an extra coil to have on hand since we had already used what we had and we were on our way...... til Steve blew out the foil fix when he went to start it. So they had to make their own helicoil out of mechanic's wire. One of the parts store guys called a buddy who had a garage and old bikes. He brought his tap and die sets and they found one to cut a new set of threads to make their fix work.

A HUGE Thank you and shout out to Brandon Farrand of Farrand Auto and Paint in Fort Dodge, Iowa for coming to the rescue with the tap and die sets.

We decided to keep going so we headed to Spencer but stopped in Emmitsburg for the night!

Not as many detours today, but close to 300 miles in the books.


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Jul 19, 2023

Love it.

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