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Only Day 4

Yep! Only day four and I’ve already heard guys at breakfast asking their buddies what their own room number was. 🤦‍♀️ So, by the time we reach South Padre, it will be chaos.

The guys had a hosted lunch stop at the Napoleon HD followed by an amazing prime rib dinner hosted by fellow Cannonball rider Jason Wadinski at his Rip Rap Roadhouse. The place is super cool with his motorcycle themed decor. Thanks Jason!!!

Apparently Scott Byrd had nothing else to do while riding the sweep truck for the second day that he has become a Lord with a certificate of authenticity and a roadside ceremony. 🤪 Oh dear, Lord Mayor of Arkadelphia Byrd. 🎪

In other news, last night in the pits with Team Norton, Steve and Justin became “official” members of Peckerhead Motorcycle Racing Team with pins and all.

Routine maintenance again was accomplished.

I even had time to organize the truck. Don’t judge me, it IS organized. You should have seen the before picture.

You never know ……

It was great to see Melody, Karson, Isabella and Melissa at the Rip Rap House You should have seen the Death By Chocolate Milkshake Karson ate. He’ll be riding on the roof rack on the way home, when all that chocolate kicks in.

Here’s some pictures when they came in through the crowds that came out to see them.

Tomorrow they will ride 209 miles from Dayton, OH to Charleston,WV. The

mountains await in Almost Heaven, West Virginia.


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