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Oh What A Night

So last night when we rolled into Teslin, Yukon, there were no rooms left. Steve went to check at the campground for tent camping and Joe was riding around looking for other options. This is what he found.

Doug was the man in charge (and owner) and we got room #1 and Joe got room #2. #3 was already rented out, so Doug gave his little cabin to Elmer for the night.

Steve and I giggled for a long time once we got in bed and the more we tried to be quiet, the more we laughed about our adventure. To go from cold water in the shower the night before, to one bathroom for all of us to take turns in last night is way too funny. We survived and the stories we've got to tell. We got up the next morning and were on our way before the caribou sausage was done, but Doug had other guests to feed and this crew isn't ready to talk, let alone eat until we've put the first 75 miles in.

The vastness of this country is amazing and the views are astounding and constantly changing.

Here is the lake at Destruction Bay.

Steve tightened up this new chain and checked his plugs. He also tightened up his seat. All is well. Ready to head into Tok tomorrow.

We stopped after only about 280 miles today so we could get a good shower, a good night's rest and do laundry. We had to come this way to Tok as the other road through Dawson City was closed due to wildfires. We checked the road status on both routes when we got into Whitehorse which ended up being a good thing. It would have been awful to get halfway up the other road to have to turn around and come back. 511 gives you the wildfire statuses.

I don't want to know what they were laughing about or up to when they took this one. It's always something.


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