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Oh Those West Virginia Hills

The Tribe was ready to ride the hills and the support crews hit the road early knowing it would be a long drive today. Little did we know that about 3 miles past the first toll booth on I64, we would spend almost 3 hours at a dead stop waiting for a wreck to be cleared. With that, most of us arrived after the bikes did into Danville. What a day!

The crew had time to stop at a DQ for ice cream again today so all is right with the world. Joe’s back tire is still an issue so he and Steve slowed their pace. Jared, Justin and AA went ahead. All of them got all their miles and were on time. Dinner was hosted by the Thunder Road HD. Thank you!!!! It was appreciated.

Several friends came out to meet us this evening and we had a great time. It was great to see Elmer Lower, Pete Sink, Matthew Long and his wife. It was awesome to see the guy that we bought our pontoon boat trailer from ( I sorry, but my mind is blank), along with his two sons and his dad. We recognized each other in the parking lot at the Harley shop. Back at the hotel, the work began…

Steve took his carb apart as the float bowl kept sticking and then he had to replace a bolt in his chain guard. He also had to tighten up his repair on his header pipe free

Justin had to fix one of his front spotlights from rattling.

Jared had to change out a cracked oil line

Joe had to take his back wheel off and work on it.

The guys all made it in with all their miles and on time.

Here’s Steve on the route.


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Sep 16, 2021


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