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New Policy In Force

The guys decided that they would adopt a new policy.... ride a day, work a day.

Here's the washout on Elmer's head where it blew out twice yesterday.

They got both heads off, cleaned up the cylinders and got the bike ready to reinstall new heads. Elmer had Pooch from Jerry Greer's bring him new heads and gaskets to Sheridan at the hotel. They arrived late afternoon and in the heat of the afternoon under a shade tree they set about putting the bike back together.

Steve made several walking trips to NAPA and Tractor Supply and even Home Depot and the rest of the supplies/tools were gotten to finish the job. The boys at NAPA couldn't understand hillbilly when Steve asked for a mill file and a thread file. They didn't know what either was and just told Steve to go behind the counter and help himself.

I worked on my bike this morning in the cool shade before the sun crossed over the hotel. I checked my fluids, belt, tightened the guards on my grips and then cleaned the bugs off my windshield and front ferring. I also did the guy's bikes as well.

Joe installed a new ground on his distributor and Steve put in a new taillight bulb in his bike.

If all goes well, we're headed to Cody tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that today's repairs are good.


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chris tribbey
chris tribbey
Jul 23, 2023

Thanks for the update.....Hoping for one day trouble free riding!

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