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Move Over Big Guy

We had to slowly follow this big guy down the road as he was walking in the middle of our lane of traffic until he decided to move over and let us pass.

Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Jackson on the list today to ride through. Spectacular!!!! Buffalo burgers at the Roadhouse in Jackson are absolutely delicious. Our bikes looked pretty cool on Main Street and drew lots of attention. Route 26 from Jackson to Idaho Falls is a must on a motorcycle as well.

No trip to Jackson is complete without a picture here.

Here is Steve in Yellowstone. While he may not be the brightest crayon in the box, he says he definitely tindel blue!


Here are some of our views today.

Joe had a yard sale at a gas stop in Yellowstone and reorganized his stuff.

So, last night's post was completed early since we decided to stop in Cody mid-afternoon as the temps were getting unbearable on the old bikes. We also wanted to check on Elmer's new heads. After the bike cooled down they pulled the plugs and discovered that the bike was running too lean. the compression on the rear cylinder is weak, from the night he rode it into Sheridan with the blown head gasket. Elmer had to tighten up his intake manifold as it was sucking air , he found that while checking the torque on the new heads. When checking his plugs he pulled out the plug insert on the new head he got from Greer's, so we had some high temp JBWeld and put it back in. Today, it seemed to be using oil. Hopefully, the bike will hold until we get to British Columbia at Stu's. This heat is really hard on it.

Plans and discussions at tonight's Quaker meeting in the making for parts to be sent ahead. My attendance is not necessary. Route is being planned as I type. I'm along for the scenery so I just follow along. That way, I am not responsible for wrong turns 🙃


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chris tribbey
chris tribbey
Jul 25, 2023

Great update.

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