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Motley Crew

We woke up to rain this morning, so we waited it out and left after 8 for the Badlands.

This is what we call Grasshopper Highway and boy do they sting. At first, I thought it was gravel kicking up from Steve's bike and then I realized it was GRASSHOPPERS! We all talked about it at the gas stop.

Since I can't take pictures with my phone while riding, this is the only one of Steve I got in the Badlands.

We stopped for gas just outside the Badlands and I left my gloves on the top of my tour pack and of course they blew off. Joe gathered them up. He's the sweep crew today.

Then on our way to Rapid City, Steve's air cleaner finally vibrated completely loose and it fell off and rolled across the road. He didn't even slow down and I asked him if he realized that his air cleaner just rolled away. Nope! So Joe and Steve turned around and gathered up the yard sale along the road and we were on our way. However, his bike was quite a sucker for the rest of the day as it kept sucking his pants into the carb every time he stopped and restarted.

Stopped for lunch and gas in Rapid City. O'Malleys is a great place. Going out of town, Joe took a wrong turn so we waited outside of town for him to show up. A couple calls and he showed up. Elmer's bike was being contrary and wouldn't start.

Once started, he said he was going to teach it a lesson. It bit back and taught him one. By the time he got it

to third, he had sheared the rivets out of the rear sprocket. Along the road he sat. So, I headed to the top of the mountain, found a spot of shade and waited on the verdict and plan of action. Being we were only 30 miles from Deadwood, Todd came and picked Elmer up while the rest of us rode on into Greer's. A work day at Greer's is planned tomorrow. While waiting on Todd, Elmer got a jump start on his oil change and drained his bike.

A good nap spot.

Deadwood will be home til repairs are made. Rest will be great before we head to Stu's in British Columbia.


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4 For 4


Jul 20, 2023

Thanks for the story I love it I’m quite jealous of your adventure and I wish I was with youz guys to break down


chris tribbey
chris tribbey
Jul 20, 2023

Great commentary! GO GO GO!!!


Jul 20, 2023

Hang in there guys, you are almost there!

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