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  • Thomas Fishel


Missouri was nicknamed Misery today! For only the second time in the 3 Cannonballs that Steve’s rode in have they cancelled any portion of a day’s ride. Conditions were awful and with a reported 3-4 inches of standing water in upcoming portions of the day’s route after lunch and a look at the weather radar, the Cannonball powers that be, caused today’s afternoon mileage to be cancelled. Riders were already soaked from this morning’s portion and seemed to emit a sign of relief to be told that they were to trailer their machines to the end of today’s course. On arrival, they were treated to a wonderful steak dinner by Kelly Modlin and crew at the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum. They were also shown some Kansas hospitality and got to look at his collection of motorcycles and cool stuff!

A picture of a soaked Cali!


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