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Leaving Town

We finally got to leave Sheridan today. I'm not sure, but I think it only took 85 u-turns, a stop for more gas, 2 GPS's reading different, a map and an atlas.

I had time to make a pit stop which the map readers discussed what direction they wanted to try next.

The spring on Steve's side stand spring came off so we had one stop in town to put it back on. We got to see most of the outlying neighborhoods, it was too much fun. (I think)

We took 14Alt into Lovell and went up the mountain and back down into Cody. Had to dodge some cattle along the way.

Settled into the motel, ordered pizza and chilled, letting the bikes cool down.


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chris tribbey
chris tribbey
Jul 24, 2023

Great! At this rate you'll get to Alaska by Nov 1! Enjoy.


Jul 23, 2023

How are you doing with your schedule? Is there one? Looking forward to seeing more if this adventure.

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