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Leaving This DeadhorseTown

We were ready to start our journey this morning....or so I thought. One last pair of plastic booties to don.

These ARE a requirement to be worn inside to save the inside carpet from the muck.

This is The Aurora, where we stayed.

This the Brooks Camp, where Joe stayed.

However, my bike wasn't quite ready this morning. So while Steve went from our hotel to Joe's, I unloaded my enough to get the seat off and waited on a jump.

After Joe was jumped, as it's quite cold this morning and he was on his way to get gas, Steve came back and put me on the jumpers and let me charge up til it started. Then we were off into the foggy mist to tackle Atigun Pass and make it into Coldfoot.

By the time we stopped for doughnuts and sandwiches, the fog was starting to lift. But it was still COLD!

We could see more than on our way up, but the smoke and fog still hid alit from us.

I just wish it would have been clearer!

Do you think we got into some goop?

We will be looking for a car wash when we make it back into Fairbanks!

We got into Coldfoot, took a nap until 9:00 pm when we could go eat at the restaurant here at camp.

Tomorrow we will hit the last half of the Dalton and back into Fairbanks.


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4 For 4


Tom Lovejoy
Tom Lovejoy
Aug 13, 2023

what a great adventure, really enjoyed following a long with your progress ! well done ! continued safe travels


Bob Clift
Bob Clift
Aug 12, 2023

Hell of a trip. I look forward to sharing stories with you the next time I see you in person. Safe travels!

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