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Last Man Standing

Today’s ride was literally a washout. It started out just overcast, but when the clouds let loose, it came down in buckets. Part of the riders were ahead of the worst of it but the Tribe was not. Roads were flooding, emergency instructions were sent out to support crews and riders and the race was on to account for everyone. Our guys made it to mile 165 when they were stopped by the fire department and the state police with a road closed due to flash flooding. Jason called the ride for the day due to the route being shut down. The Tribe turned around and headed back where they met up with a chase truck. It was full but a truck behind following the cannonball riders offered to haul two bikes. Justin and AA took Jack up on the offer and then caught a ride with Yoshi who was also along the route to meet up to see his friend Shinya at the motel tonight. Great timing! Steve, Jared and Joe decided to keep riding as sweep trucks were full and Joe Sparrow had come up with an alternative route on his GPS. Finally, after 5, Steve was the last rider to arrive at the Bumpus Harley Davidson. Tired, soaked and relieved, the crew made it to the Clarion to lockup the bikes, cover them and to start in the morning fixing everything on their day off that they can get accomplished before they begin the last half of the ride.

Last man standing ❤️

Drying his mag out before heading to the motel.

Pictures from today’s ride in the sweep truck


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Art Gaffar
Art Gaffar
Sep 19, 2021

What else can the second half bring? Safe travels after you catch your breath today...Cheers

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