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  • Dee Dee Rinker

It’ll Never Be The Same

Making a pit stop up near the headwaters of the Salmon River

Then in Stanley, Idaho for the night and Steve in the Salmon again.

He said he thought the water was warm for a spell. His earlier pit stop must have made it downstream 😂

The first part of the day was nothing but sagebrush and desert for-like forever until we made it into Hailey.

Finally, going through Sun Valley and on into Stanley, it was an incredible journey. Looking forward to more of the same tomorrow headed to Kamiah.

Outside of Arco, Craters Of The Moon was unbelievable and hard to believe it just popped up from nowhere. All of lava rock gives it an outer space feel.

We went up 8900+feet today and back down into the valley. The scenery in the bitterroots just keeps getting better and better. Trying to hit as many of the routes on our Butler maps as possible.

Our cabin for the night


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Jul 26, 2023

Your getting closer and closer to my brother.

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