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His A$$ Was Dragging

More on this at the end....but it made you laugh!

Our view today got old quick as it was repetitive for hundreds of miles. However, we didn't lack for excitement today.

Joe thought he developed a noise and a vibration in his motor last night coming in and that got us thinking of what's to come. He also found that the left side of his Kiwi fork is broke at the lower tree. But since it's the small strut, he wasn't too concerned. We stopped and changed oil filter and fresh oil.

Our first gas stop was at 71.4 miles and they were really excited that Steve made it that far before he ran out of gas. It's a guessing game and it's almost like bets are made on how far he can go. Anywhere from 65-75 miles. It's so funny to listen at them brag and complain about what he got based on terrain, wind and speed. 🤦‍♀️

You haven't seen a picture of this crew in a couple days, so here they are.

So, at this gas stop, we looked at the gps and it showed no gas stops for another 128 miles. Uh, we're in trouble. 128 plus the 71.4 puts me at 199.4 and my limit is normally 180. Joe can only do around 140 total with his reserve. Steve still had a gallon in the armadillo bag, plus two quarts which would put him short. I didn't fill up my fuel cans that I used yesterday when we got gas this morning, so....

Well, actually Steve asked me if I was pulling an Elmer by just carrying extra fuel cans and not filling them. Ha!

Down the road we went, Steve and I formulating a plan on how we would use the extra gas we did have to get one of us to the next gas stop on his gps. Anyway.... boy was I glad to see the Bucking Horse River Gas and Restaurant in 2 km sign. We stopped and filled EVERYTHING up. Then went into the restaurant and ate and the guys had their morning coffee at noon today.

You have to understand that out here you may have to go more than 100 miles before you even see any sign of life, let alone to get gas or food. There hasn't been a town since Whitehorse and that was about 650 miles ago. You are definitely out in the boondocks up here. You're lucky to pass three dozen cars in an entire day.

Here's at another gas stop for Steve. This one he made almost 74 miles. Yes!!! We don't measure time in minutes out here, but in how many gas stops til we get where we're headed each day.

After we went through Fort St. John, we got into the farming area and the oil/gas industry area and truck traffic picked up heavily. Yuck!

Joe kept his bike between 45-50 today to keep things easy on it. They are going to check the valves this evening and everything else they can think of. Needless to say with the heavier traffic, we would wait for Joe each time at the next gas stop.

Then, when we were on the outskirts of Dawson Creek this evening we pulled over to wait. Here he came, with his a$$ dragging. Too funny! He didn't even know the screw was out of the luggage rack. Miraculously, he never lost a thing...even the screw for the luggage rack. Steve told Joe he took back everything he ever said about the bungee cords! They worked!!!

We got loaded back up and went on into town.

Found a room and then went to dinner while the bike cooled down.

After dinner, Joe and Steve

checked the bike out and adjusted the valves. The motor is still tight. So time will tell. Onward we go. We'll let everything get a good nights rest.


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