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  • Thomas Fishel

He Will Sleep Better Tonight!

Start of Day 3 had everyone anxious, but ready to hit the road! Steve looked exhausted and I know his night was spent like the night before he left for this adventure— running all kinds of breakdowns through his mind while asleep, (but talking out loud so I didn’t sleep.) I kept solving his problems that night by telling him whatever he was talking about had been fixed and he would roll over and come up with a new problem. Apparently, as I wasn’t in his room last night and not there to tell him it had been fixed, he had a sleepless night trying to make sure Justin’s bike was ready to go.

Steve has said all along during the build of these Cannonball bikes that although he felt the motors were strong, his main worry was going to be the primitive clutch and transmission gears. He made sure we had some backups just in case.

During last night’s evening repairs, Justin rebuilt the transmission, while Steve and Jared were busy with routine nightly maintenance. All my guys are very mechanically inclined and I am one proud mom/wife because of it.

So, I excited to report that all 3 bikes put down all the miles today! Go Indians!

Tomorrow’s day will take them from Chillicothe, Ohio 224 miles to Bloomington, Indiana.


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