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Got Tires???? YES!

We went to the Yukon Yamaha this morning at 10 after we jumped Joe's bike as she hadn't been started in three days and apparently, wasn't ready to leave.

The guys there greeted us warmly and directed to the tires, so we could hunt on own own. Apparently, we looked like we were on a mission and knew what we were doing. We found tires and set to work getting our tires off so they could change them out for us!

While we were working, we got to meet the owner, Jason Adams, also known as the "King of Xtreme." What an awesome welcome he gave us, he made us feel at home. If you're planning a trip anywhere near Whitehorse, Yukon, and need anything, let them know. They'll be more than glad to help! You can order tires to be there, plan ahead and have tires shipped there, call ahead and order, or like us, just show up and get great service!

We got tires on, chains adjusted and everything reloaded on the bikes and were on our way......FINALLY!

As we were headed down the road, I was complaining to Steve that we had more wildlife in our yard at home than we had seen on this whole trip so far. Guess I should have said that weeks ago. We saw a coyote, a porcupine, two beaver swimming in the lakes we went by, a moose and a black bear!!! All in one afternoon today. We made it into Watson Lake this evening about 8 pm. Here are some pictures of our ride today.

We are in Watson Lake at the Dragon's Den tonight.... oh dear!


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Don Gilmore
Don Gilmore
Aug 23, 2023

On the road again!!

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