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Gonna Be A Great Day

When the sunrise is gorgeous and you’re gonna ride your motorcycle all day for some wind therapy…. you know it will be GREAT!

Unless you’re Jared and you take the cover off your bike and discover that your footboard is about to fall off and you’ve only got 3 lbs of air in your front tire. So you get your dad and brother to take care of the tire and you work on wiring fast the footboard so you can leave on time. A plan is made should the tire go down—-tube, tire spoons, pump and who is going to stay to help and who is riding on.

But, you are riding into Almost Heaven West Virginia today, so you fix it it all and just go with your friends and enjoy the ride!

As of this morning, here is the sweep truck count

Then you get this picture and you smile because the “Tribe” has arrived in West Virginia.

Here they are all smiles with Justin leading them in, arriving at the Harley Davidson in South Charleston. Thanks to them for hosting tonight’s meal.

The guys said the ride was boring leaving Ohio and coming into WV they were on US35 so they weren’t too happy. Back to the pits for nightly maintenance, a break cleaner bath to get the oil off. Then Justin and Jared took high temp silicone and put it on their mag seal to keep it from leaking so much oil.

Good news on the Indian 4 front, looks like both Doug and Jon will be up and going for Tuesday’s ride through West By God Virginia. We will see what tomorrow brings. They will ride from Charleston to Danville, VA. The guys are ready to ride through the mountains!

For every day you make all your miles and are in on time, you are awarded an ACE sticker. Jared found the perfect spot for the daily ACE stickers and makes sure to flip the lid over every evening so show them off.


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Sep 14, 2021

Awesome seeing those ACE Stickers. Tell Justin we are all rooting for him. Looks like the team is doing great!

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