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Glacier Views

Originally, we were headed to Whittier to ride the ferry to Valdez, but there was only room for us and not our motorcycles. Nothing until Friday, so we pivoted and I am super glad we did. The ride on the Glenn Highway from Wasilla to GlenAllen was beyond words.

Steve caught me headed out of town. Actually, I mean he took my picture. He didn't catch me until l slowed down.

Around every turn and at the top of each crest was another view that was out of this world.

Here's the first glacier we saw. So cool! We laughed that if we stopped at each view, we'd never leave Alaska. It would take forever, so we just enjoyed the views in amazement.

Here's another glacier. Sweet!

As the day went on, the views became more and more spectacular.

It wasn't long once we started down the Richardson Highway, the last 100 miles into Valdez that we hit rain. Again, two evenings in a row. I think we've had enough underbody wash to clean out the Dalton mud. Anyway, it was cold and we didn't stop to get more glacier pictures or any of the waterfall pictures in Keystone Canyon, but we will on the way out tomorrow- rain or shine. I'll have my long underwear on then!!! Thurmond Pass was encased in fog and I almost thought it was snow instead of rain.



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