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Getting All The Bugs Out

We're getting ALL the bugs worked out before we get too far from home.

During our shake down rides, Steve had been blowing fuses on the bike and we had run numerous checks on the wiring on the bike and couldn't find any problems. So, we knew it would show itself eventually. Sure enough, on the first day, we figured it out. Steve's brand new battery must have been defective and when it got so low it was blowing the fuses trying to generate more juice. We hooked up the spare battery and headed to the nearest Advance and traded out for another new battery. Problem solved!

However, when we rolled into Carrollton Ohio that night we discovered another problem on Steve's bike. His brand new to him (old Dixie) tires were a bust. First the rear was cracking in the sidewall and then the front tire was really scrubbed off in the middle by the time we got to the motel. He called Justin and had him get new tires to change when we got to his house. Problem two solved.

Joe and I were good with our bikes. only problem was making sure that my kickstand was fully extended when I went to climb off and not in a cement crack or .... blamo over it went and the crash bars that Steve fabricated for it protected both the bike and me. Only a few scratches on my helmet and the crash bars. All is good and my stupidity is learning the hard way. 🤦‍♀️

Spent Friday at the Wauseon swap meet and with Justin and the kids.

Justin and Jared were on hand to help out with the tire changing.

Also, I had a throttle lock installed on my bike to help out now that were in flat land.

Elmer bought us all stickers of the states and Canadian provinces that we'd be traveling through so Karson and Justin started them with the states we'd traveled through so far.

Isabella helped me repack my saddle bag and tour pack so it was more organized and I think we're ready.

Tomorrow morning we add Elmer Lower to our group, making a total of four and begin our adventure...... Alaska bound.


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