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Fuel Stop - What Does That Mean

So this is what it looks like to work on bikes without all the support trucks. Smaller scale than the Cannonball, but just as busy.

Steve put in new plugs this morning while Joe tightened his chain and Elmer worked on his carb before we left. I was ready until we started out and as I was clutching my bike out from under the carport of the motel and down around to the right, for some ungodly reason, I touched the front guessed it, down it went. As the guys all came running to help me pick it up, as I was still straddling it. I told them, I got that out of the way for the day and I was good to go. Steve said at least I didn't squeal anymore, apparently, I can swear like a sailor. Karson will have to touch up the crash bars again.

A great day looking at gorgeous corn and soybeans

The guys all made a pit stop out behind the building, Elmer was fooling with his Sena and music, then fuel, and ready to go. Everyone suited up to leave and we were sweating as Elmer kicked. As Joe said, it was painful. Our first fuel stop of the day left Elmer changing plugs and his bike starting after just a few kicks. Getting closer.

New rule, no one suits up til Elmer's bike is started. Down the road we went, til Elmer's bike started fluttering, he was out of fuel ???

Why??? Well, he forgot to put fuel in his bike. So, less than 20 miles down the road, we stopped again. Waited.... and on the second kick, we all got our gear on and down the road we went.

Another New Rule in place - You must get fuel at a designated fuel stop.

What a riot!

Advance auto parts stop in the morning a must. Spark plugs, coil, a battery, oil on the list so far.

Muscatine, Iowa looks sweet tonight.



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17 de jul. de 2023

Love the report. Thanks and keep us informed.

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