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Flat Tire Kind of Day

Today’s run from Nacogdoches to Victoria, Texas provided some entertainment in the form of flat tire frenzy. Jared developed a flat tire and as luck would have it they found a shade tree at the end of a driveway to park and change it. The owner at the house came out to check on them and see if they needed anything. Then there was a guy who stopped in a pickup who had a motorcycle shop about 10 miles down the road AND he had a service truck about 3/4 of a mile which he brought back and put air in the tire. The house owner came back out with his air tank and 4 bottles of water. Texas hospitality was awesome. It contineed when they arrived in Victoria with Steve and Joan Klein hosting dinner for the group. Thanks to you and the group of helpers who made us feel welcomed.

Routine maintenance was completed. Everyone’s chains had to be tightened. Justin showed AA how to do hers.

Jared had his taillight to work on. His bike also got a degreaser bath.

Justin had his GPS to remount. The rough roads are taking a toll on the bikes.

Steve had to adjust his valves as they had to run hard after the flat tire to get in on time. They were making a noise. He found the culprit and got it adjusted.

AA lost the nut on her front engine mount and her footboard on the other side was the only thing keeping the front engine bolt in. Good thing Steve caught that! She had to repack her luggage box as everything seeming to get beaten til it leaks.

Steve lost his peckerhead badge so replaced it with Mr. 🐸 who is going to help them along the way. 🤦‍♀️

Scenery today

I got to spend about an hour in Houston, but at least I was under an underpass. That city must go on for at least 20 miles.

Tomorrow they will travel 250+ miles and end up in McAllen, Texas.

Here are scores at the end of Stage 13.


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