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  • Thomas Fishel


The bikes are running smoothly with only a few minor repairs. Justin’s Cali got a new oil pump as her other one just wouldn’t quit leaking and better to have her tuned in now than wait for the Rockies and then the desert next week. Steve’s Eva needed some brake and chain adjustments. Jared’s Lexi also got some brake adjustments. Routine maintenance is going well. It just takes three times as long. They are all excited, tired, wind whipped, and today soaked TWICE! The word endurance is taking on a new meaning not only to them, but all the Cannonball Riders. They got all 247 miles today and are now in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Tomorrow’s ride will take them 249 miles across the state of Missouri where they will end up —-yes, still in Missouri, but in a town called Springfield. GO INDIANS!


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