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Double Dog Dare Ya

Today was quite the ride. We left out of Deadwood and went to Lead and on into Spearfish Canyon, which was spectacular!

Gas stations are starting to get scarce. So, we made sure to stop when we could.

Conversations at gas stops are a hoot with these three.

Anywhere from....

"I thought we were going west, why are we headed south?"

"Make sure you get out of bed on the other side in the morning."

"Where are we?"

"Day ain't over yet"

"Sweetheart, can you come look at this?"

and my favorite today was .....

"Elmer, when you go down the road, are you fully retarded". I was eating peanut butter crackers and just about snorted them out my nose and it got even better when Joe said, "I'm already retarded." I know what they're talking about but sometimes, it's just hilarious.

They're starting to really take care of each other.

Riding down into the Devil's Tower area was awesome.

We were about 68 miles into a section of our ride when we arrived at Spotted

Horse, WY and came across the Spotted Horse Bar. Steve's GPS said 88 miles to the next gas and the guys can only go about 112 - 120 miles with their reserve tanks. Steve was carrying an extra 1/2 gallon in fuel bottles and I had 1/2 gallon as well. Joe and Steve yelled to each other their plan and Steve told me on the headset the plan. Joe and Steve were going to ride together and share gas if needed. I was told to stick with Elmer in case he ran out. When we came up on the Spotted Horse Bar it was decided to stop and have a cold beverage and see if we could find out if there was gas any closer. The friendly proprietors showed us some great hospitality and told us that Claremont was about 40 miles away and there was gas there. If you're ever through Spotted Horse , Wyoming, stop in and patronize this fine establishment!

Elmer asked how close we were to Avada as he had a friend he wanted to stop in and see. He found out and took off and said he would meet us at the hotel.

We visited for awhile and cooled off. When we got ready to leave, I asked Joe and Steve did they want to go ahead and put the extra gas we were carrying in their tanks. It was as if I threw the red flag and said I double dog dare ya to make it! They laughed and said we're going to ride til we run out. 🤷‍♀️

I wasn't worried, I could still go another 120 miles easy. They rode into Claremont on fumes, stopped got gas and visited with this store owner as well.

Finally, Joe, Steve and I made it to Sheridan, found a room, went to dinner and talked about the trouble free day we had. I'm going to check my oil, water and belt in the morning on my bike once the bike is cool and tighten up my left side rock guard on my handlebars as it was loose.

Elmer rolled in after 9 pm hot and tired. He had gotten to visit with his friend and on his way to catch up with us, ran out of gas. Thankfully he did have a quart of spare and made it to Claremont where we had gotten gas only for it to be closed. He made it to a farmhouse where he got a lady to fill up his tank. As he was headed into Sheridan, he blew the rear head gasket and changed it along the road. When he made it to the hotel, it blew again. More work for the morning.

Tomorrow is another day!

Here's a roadkill grasshopper found on Steve's bike. That one didn't sting me.


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4 For 4


Jul 22, 2023

Dam Elmer sure is having a lot of trouble. Hope it gets better.


Jul 22, 2023

I look forward to your daily reports. It almost like I am on the ride but safe at home. The best of both worlds. Be safe!


Jul 22, 2023

Great post, keep them ‘retarded’ guys in line DeeDee 😄

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