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Cottonball Interstate

Today the Tribe spent practically the entire ride today on the interstate so the death grips were real on these old bikes which do 45 mph comfortably. So, when the vehicles passed them at 75-85, the draft was wicked. The comments weren’t pretty at all about it.

At first I thought that the road was pretty trashy until I passed the truck hauling these cotton rolls. Too cool! I learned how they haul cotton.

Scenery wasn’t much to look at so it was pretty desolate.

The Texas Toad 🐸 kept his eye on Steve today and hung in there.

The Tribe is feeling pretty excited with only 99 miles to go and have talked all evening on making plans on how to take out each other. All in good fun! AA helped Steve put his bike on its rear stand only to tell him afterward she was pushing the wrong way. “To give the hillbilly a workout!” She fits right in with this group and can give as good as she gets!

These two claim to be the new Cannonball models.

Tomorrow’s ride is 99 miles into South Padre Island and they are pumped and ready to ride. The 2021 Cannonball is almost in the books.


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Art Gaffar
Art Gaffar
Sep 26, 2021

My vote is for Steve Rinker as the Cannonball model, Thanks, Love the picture of him and Lord Scott

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