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Clean Up

Today we spent the morning walking around Whitehorse checking things out.

When we got back to the motel, we started on the cleanup at hand -- emptying out saddle bags, cleaning up leather, dry bags and gear from the mud and dust that had accumulated. It looked like we were having a yard sale along the street when we set everything out to dry in the sun. Matter of fact, Steve had to run several natives off.

Gear was repacked and reorganized for the rest of our trip. We looked over maps and will wait until tomorrow

evening for final plans after we look at the fire reports.

Tomorrow is Discovery Day in the Yukon, so we will see what local festivities there are here in Whitehorse.

Finished the day off with more clean up. Everyone is now ready to go.


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art gaffar
art gaffar
Aug 21, 2023

Seems like Steve can do it all, but I think I know who the boss is and in Charge-Dee Dee Tinker. been a real pleasure to follow along on the journey through the Alaskan Frontier , Thank You....Cheers. Art

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