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You know the Super Bowl commercial a few years back with the squirrels that ran out in the road and then high-fived each other on the side of the road. Well....up here they have these rodents that are bigger than chipmunks but smaller than squirrels. One ran out at Steve in front of me, chickened out and then turned and headed straight for me. I held my line and he did the same. At the last second, he flinched and darted off the road. Joe came up beside me and held up his fingers and showed me that I missed him by an inch. Winner, winner Steak dinner for me tonight in Houston, BC!

Here we are getting ready to leave this morning. We left Williams Lake, BC and went about 325 miles today to Houston, BC.

Some scenery from today

And these .... no words

In Ring 1

In Ring 2

Except, not fair!

And no picture was captured in Ring 3, but at least I'm not the only one who doesn't properly ensure a side stand is down. Elmer reached back getting ready to leave at the one gas stop to check that his fuel bag was tucked in, thinking his side stand was down. Nope! But the bike was after that maneuver. He only has to do it 2 mores times to be caught up with me.

We had to look for a welder and a welder today in Quesnel, BC. We had just left another gas stop and were headed up through town. We had all gotten separated by traffic when Joe went up the right side where you park by me to catch Steve. Next thing I know, Steve's in my headset saying to pull in to the Safeway, Joe's clutch pedal just broke. When I pulled in, Steve is on his phone looking for a welding shop and Joe is taking what's left of his clutch apart.

The pivot shaft on the rocker clutch broke off! Imagine that! Steve called the welding shop who said they could do it and he took off with it while we waited in the Safeway parking lot, hopefully not looking too homeless.

A huge shoutout and THANK YOU to Dave Savage of Dan's Automotive in Quesnel for the speedy service and Steve certainly enjoyed the tour of your shop! We were up and going in under an hour! Amazing!

We got into several rain showers today and were wet several times. Look at my bike, it's a mess and I cleaned it up twice at gas stops today.

The further up north we go, the scenery is getting more and more beautiful.


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