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Checking Things Out

Sunday was spent changing tires, going over the bikes, tightening chains, checking and replacing lights, an all around once over before we trek onward to Alaska. Many, many thanks to Stew for the use of his shop, his chauffeur service for parts and supplies, being the perfect host, tour guide and to Shera-Lynn for making us feel welcome and letting us invade her home and steal Stew away for a few days. You guys are welcome in West Virginia anytime.

Steve ended up putting a new chain on his bike even though he had a new chain on it when we left. Crazy how that thing kept stretching. Think it needed one?

Joe put a disk in his breather tube and gave his bike a once over, including a pressure wash on his and Steve's.

Elmer has spent the last three days working on his top end, getting cylinders honed, new pistons, new rings, a helicoil in his new heads, his valves done and getting his bike back together.

I got my new tires on and am ready to go. However, it was quite a ruckus as, apparently one of the rear spacers fell off the car lift/workbench before Stew struck oil at the back of his shop. (You had to be there 🤣). Anyway, we searched for over an hour and a half the next morning for it. We called AA for a parts breakdown on the rear wheel to try to get dimensions to machine one, watched YouTube videos. Stew called his buddy who owns an Indian-dealership in Vancouver who was going to run to his shop to see if he had one. Well, Steve decided to go ahead and change the front wheel and it had two spacers on it as well that, sure enough, was the exact same part number! Yea! Now they could machine one. They showed Stew what they needed and he said he had that piece on his oil barrel! What?!?! He had found it on the floor near the oil drain barrel and thought it went with that. Crisis averted!!!! No wheels (or me) were harmed during this circus event in the main ring.

Stew took us to Vernon to Eldon Browns to get the new chain as he had one and on the way back took us to this mural. Vernon had the oldest Indian dealership in BC. It was super cool!


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