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Bluegreen Waters and Bugs

There was lots of wildlife along the road today. We saw three black bear and a cub, some sheep, a moose, loads of buffalo, and a few caribou.

Steve does an amazing job taking pictures of the critters and about all of the scenery pics. I can only take them when I'm off my bike.

It is astounding the millions of acres of vast untouched country there still is. If we stopped and took pictures of everything we wanted, we'd probably only make it 30 miles a day instead of the 300 we try to do each day.

We rode in the northern Canadian Rockies today and it is hard to put into words the beauty we saw. The waters here, whether they are lakes, streams or rivers, are the most gorgeous bluegreen color and so clear.

The ride, literally, along Muncho Lake was magnificent.

At one of our gas stops, Steve had to tighten up the spring on his side stand. It had come down twice today after he hit a couple bumps.

Joe had to work on his headlight mount, which is nothing more than a fork shield. It had vibrated apart. So, he duct taped and zip tied it up.

At another gas stop, the bugs were so bad that Steve put some of Elmer's homemade bug spray on a rag and draped it over his helmet. It stinks so bad, we don't dare put it on our clothes. It seems to help. These mosquitoes will carry you away!! I haven't mentioned them before because they are a given. But, let me tell you they will leave knots on you and we all have several where these little blood-suckers have feasted on us on our trip.

Steve's license plate got zip tied on because it had broke off a few days ago and Steve had tied it on, but it was coming loose again.

We made it to Fort Nelson, BC tonight and will head to Dawson Creek tomorrow. We have to get oil for Joe's bike in the morning before we leave town. It has a Napa here.


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