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Bear Today

We left Houston, BC and made it to the Tatogga Lake Resort, just outside of Iskut, BC this evening. We're waiting on dinner of pork chops, mashed potatoes and applesauce with apple pie and ice cream for dessert which the proprietor whipped up for us this evening. However, he regretted to inform us that there was no hot water in our rooms until mid morning tomorrow. That's alright, I can make enough hot water in the coffee pot for a sink bath tonight. 😉

Bikes ran great today, but Steve's reserve side tank has had oil seeping into it the last couple days and today he decided to quit using the reserve for fuel and will only have his main tank which will go 72 miles before he runs out. However, he will now have 2 gallons of oil.

We saw a black bear meander across the road right before lunch today and then saw a sow with 2 cubs this afternoon up on the bank watching us ride by. Must be black bear country.

We had lunch in one of the worker's canteens.

Here's more of the spectacular scenery along our route today.

Where we stayed this evening.


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Aug 04, 2023

Beautiful country

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