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And so it begins….

Stage 1 began on a cool morning after the foggy mist lifted at the Museum Valley Ship in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan with Canada spied in the distance across the water.

Jitters and nerves were settled by the time the crew made it into Traverse City 184 miles later at Hagerty Insurance for a hosted dinner. It ended with only 9 on the sweep trucks, some fatal, while others worked into the early hours of the morning and then some, to be ready for Stage 2.

There were those (the Indian guys) that held a moment of silence at one of the gas stops for one of their fallen, Doug Feinsod on an Indian 4 with a hole in a piston, dropping a cylinder. Don’t count him out just yet as his pit was a flurry of activity last night as heads and cylinders were removed, labeled on cardboard, pistons rounded up, and Steve’s Sunnen hone and drill laid out for use.

Justin had excess oil leaking out from around the shaft on his generator drive. An o-ring was stuffed in to help and the oil pump was dialed back. Jared also dialed his oil pump back and aired up tires.

Nightly maintenance was performed and the bikes were checked out.

Steve’s seat T broke and the Harley guys (no names being mentioned) told him that there was a weight limit on those Indian seats. 🤣

So he brazed some side supports on it after he brazed it together. Hopefully it will hold out.

Here’s some shots from the pits last night where work was frantically being performed. Oh yeah, this just got real…..

Helping check out AA’s front wheel

Letting the Harley guys use the hone. Even though they banter back and forth, their love of old motorcycles binds them together as family. They all try to help each other out so they can all enjoy the ride. The challenge- Men or Women against the Machines!!!

Here’s how the professionals do it—look at Team Norton!

More pictures of the start and on the way. Enjoy!

Scores at the end of Stage One


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