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All the Goody Is Gone

Original plans were to make it to Whitehorse and get tires. Little did we know that the only shop that had tires is closed today for a long holiday weekend. What holiday??? Who knows, we're in Canada.

We were at the Yamaha shop when they were to open this morning, only they didn't open today. The sign said closed for a long holiday weekend. While we were ciphering, a young boy in a truck pulled up and he worked there. But, although he worked in the back, he was just there to wash his truck. We tried to get him to sell us tires for American cash. He called his parts manager, but no luck as no one could price the tires without their scanners up and running. He did give us the option of looking through all the used tires out back to see if there was anything we could use.

Nothing there! But he did go back in and check to see if they had any 18" tires. Yes, they do, but nothing to sell to us until Tuesday.

We rode around Whitehorse and hit up the other motorcycle shops. Only one tire and Joe needs two and Steve a rear tire. Mine are A-ok. Watson Lake and Fort Nelson are the next towns and nothing there either and another 1200 miles. What if Joe blows the tire that the cords are now showing on? What if Steve would? Discussions on possible scenarios and costs. Possibly shipping tires in? When would they arrive? Steve calls Romney a geological oddyssey - two weeks from anything. But, the Yukon is much worse. Decision made -- Not worth taking the chance. So, here we sit in Whitehorse, Yukon until Tuesday! Yippee!

First order of business was to strip down the bikes and find a car wash. We then went shopping at Walmart to get dinner and breakfast. And absolutely no plastic in the Yukon, so it got them to have to buy a bag to carry groceries in.

Ironically, on the way back to the hotel, Steve spied the Germans! They met up at the Big Bear Liquor Store. They had been to Haines and tried to catch a ferry, had a ticket, but the ferry broke down and back up they came.

I'm told they're coming to West Virginia on their next trip! See you guys in West "By God" Virginia! Can't wait!

I found something to kill some time after dinner. (Can't trust those guys.) They thought it was funny that I fell asleep amongst my motorcycle stuff.

Anyway, Camille looks pretty sharp with her cleanup today.



The plans for tomorrow are to clean up and repack the saddle bags and gear. Then put everything back on the bikes. Monday will be a tour around town day as of now. We're already going stir crazy this evening. Who knows what we'll get into.....


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Don Gilmore
Don Gilmore
Aug 20, 2023

The rest days will do you good. You will find things to do and people to meet. Time to double check those motorcycles!


Aug 20, 2023

Time to rest up, enjoy the break! Teach them Canadians how to talk hillbilly 😄

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