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And my butt is dragging this evening. That's how many miles we put down today and made it to Murdo, South Dakota. There was a discussion at one of the gas stops as to where we were today and I told them South Dakota. The guys all seemed to think otherwise and ask how I knew. Told them they wouldn't have that sign up in Iowa 🤦‍♀️

We started the day with a broken wire on the starter of Joe's bike which was easily fixed.

We made it to the first gas stop and wasn't a mile down the rough road we had been on all more when Steve's windshield broke off. He caught it and we stopped again.

Bartek ... we used the Polish hammer and made repairs with zip ties.

Then Joe lost the rubber off his footboard ... and didn't manage to catch it.

We rode on over 20 miles of ground pavement today. Practice for the Dalton for me. Slow to start, but comfortable by the end.

At another gas stop, we noticed Joe's back wheel had a groove starting in it.

They checked it out and decided that the wiring up inside the rear fender was causing it. So, they loosened the rear axle, kicked the tire over and then readjusted the chain. All seems to be well with that.

In case you're wondering what I'm doing during all this. I take pictures, make sure helmets are playing music, turn off notifications on bike alarms, plot a course, keep track where we are, answer questions, fix cell phones, mark waypoints, get tools out, put tools back, am PR for the group with the public, settle discussions, keep everyone moving, and so on and so forth. Steve hollered for Butch today and Elmer asked why he would call Joe - b*tch. Too much fun and the stories we have to tell are as well.

We got asked by an elderly lady at the motel at breakfast where we were going and where we were from. Pleasantries, until we got ready to leave and I guess we looked a little she wanted to know what gang we were with. 🤣😂🤣

Dinner at the Buffalo Bar in Murdo was amazing and we're settled down for the night to head for the Badlands, Mt Rushmore and on to Deadwood tomorrow.


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4 For 4


Jul 19, 2023

Stay safe, Sweetheart, and don’t let those “ yaahoos” show you up! You are the brains behind this bunch! Love you all! 🏍 Mom. 💜


Jul 19, 2023

These updates are great! Keep them coming and enjoy the ride!

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