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2016 Cannonball

2016 Cannonball

We are honored to be a part of something very special. A true Century Race, the 2016 Cannonball.

All riders are required to have a 100 year old motorcycle. Only 1916 and earlier machines are allowed to run in the 2016 Cannonball and only 100 riders were chosen to participate in this historic endeavor.

On Saturday, 10 September, 2016 we will depart Atlantic City, New Jersey and travel 3,400 miles across America to end up in San Diego, California on Monday, 26 September. Sixteen days on the road with one day off. An ambitious ride to say the least, averaging around 300 miles per day this will be a true endurance run.


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Final results

mc-2016-stage-15-results-wide Here are the final results for the 2016 Cannonball. Enjoy! However, riders are anxiously awaiting the 2018 Cannonball announcement. Excitement is building and mentally


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